Thursday, 28 January 2021

Ian M Bailey - Shots of Sun EP

Released: 25 Jan 2021
Label: Greentea Productions
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I was first aware of Ian M Bailey through his band The Lost Doves. Their album from last year is lovely guitar pop with hints of Americana. I especially love 'She's Waking Up To Close Her Eyes' on the album, which is highly worth checking out too.

This is Ian's first solo EP and it still has melodic country vibes. This time, it was co-written by Daniel Wylie, better known as the singer of Scottish band - Cosmic Rough Riders. If you don't know them, Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine is a good starting point, full of lost guitar pop gems. They did have some success in the early 00s including an appearance on Top Of The Pops.

The EP opens with 'Take It Or Leave It' which is rich in harmonies and superb pop hooks. The sound is reminiscent of the 60s, particularly The Byrds, with hints of the more Americana style of Buffalo Springfield. 

'Whats Happening Now' is more laid back and melancholic. The production is very stripped back and focused on the vocal harmonies. 'Slow Down River' is more upbeat and again very Byrds inspired but if you love that kind of music, as I do, it is hugely enjoyable.

It ends on the sublime 'Everything Will Be Alright', which has beautifully subtle melodies and soft vocals. It brought to mind later Teenage Fanclub (particularly Gerard Love's songs). A wonderful EP which couldn't be more up my street! A highly recommended listen.

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