Tuesday, 12 January 2021

The Shop Window - Out of Reach/Evacuate

Released: 29 Jan 2021
Label: Spinout Nuggets
Listen and Buy Here

The Shop Window, from Maidstone UK, are a new band to watch out for in 2021. They released a few singles last year, including 'Sad Eyes'. This was a fine example of anthemic indie pop, with melancholic lyrics about visiting an elderly grandparent. Well worth checking out too if the band are new to you.

'Out of Reach' is their new 7 inch single on indie label - Spinout Nuggets. It is more wonderful indie pop, with late 80s/early 90s vibes. It bought to mind the more jangle pop side of Ride and The Stone Roses. The song is gloriously anthemic with a soaring, memorable chorus. 

The other side has 'Evacuate' which is more of the same. The melody bought to mind the best parts of Oasis' early songs. 

A superb single which had me wondering whether The Shop Window could be the breakthrough artist to really put indie/guitar music on the map again. Highly recommended.

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