Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Tigers & Flies - Among Everything Else

Released: 12 Nov 2021
Label: Violette
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Tigers & Flies, from Manchester, are the latest band to join the superb Violette label. Violette are best known for releasing Michael Head's album Adios Senor Pussycat back in 2017. There are vague similarities to Pale Fountains era Mick, with Tigers & Flies.   

The album opens with 'Night Time Mood' which is very 80s sounding, recalling Orange Juice. It is a little bit messy, with a slightly heavier edge, reminiscent of post-punk. Television had to be an influence here too.

My favourite here is 'Half' which is a heartfelt love song, with an anthemic chorus, full of longing - "When you leave, half of me walks away too. Don't leave as I need the half of me that is you." It is well produced and the brass really adds to their unique sound.

Other highlights include 'Bat and Ball' which is full of attitude and swagger. The trumpet solos towards the end of the song are impressive. 'Don't Let Her Walk Away' is emotional lyrically, and about a painful break up. Again, this song is gloriously chaotic towards the end. 'Headspace' has a distinct guitar riff running throughout which will stay in your head, from first listen.

A superb album from a unique band, full of brilliantly varied songs. Highly recommended.

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