Monday, 8 November 2021

The Brothers Steve - Dose

Released: 15 Oct 2021
Label: Big Stir
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The Brothers Steve, from LA are back with their follow up to 2019's debut #1, which finished highly on my end of year list. The new album is a wonderful listen with more enjoyable power pop anthems.   

If you aren't familiar with Jeff Whalen's (of the band - Tsar) solo album '10 More Rock Super Hits', it is also well worth checking out.

The new album opens with 'Get on Up' which is a fun party song, and a fusion of the glam rock of Bowie, with the 90s indie of Primal Scream, with some Rolling Stones thrown in too!  My favourite here is 'Next Aquarius' which is superbly catchy with hints of 60s Pysch. 

Other highlights include 'Mrs Rosenbaum' which has Beatles vibes and some wonderful storytelling, with wistful, melancholic lyrics. 'Electro-Love' is more instantly memorable guitar pop. 'Sugarfoot' is a bit silly lyrically but will bring a smile to your face.

A hugely enjoyable follow up, full of power pop brilliance. Highly recommended.

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