Friday, 19 February 2021

The Gold Needles - Whats Tomorrow Ever Done For You?

Released: 19 Feb 2021
Label: Jem Records
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Power Pop band - The Gold Needles, from Hull UK, have been on my radar a while. Their song 'Here She Goes Again' from the last album was one of my favourites of 2019.

The new album opens with 'What's Tomorrow Ever Done For You?' which brought to mind the jangly guitar pop of The Bluebells. The hooks are superb and it is instantly memorable.

'I Get The Pressure' has more 80s vibes and is upbeat and anthemic. There are a few covers on the album too, the first being 'Have You Ever Loved Somebody', by The Hollies. It is a great version and they add their own unique style to it.

Other highlights include 'Billy Liar' which is wonderfully catchy with a child-like charm. The band pay homage to The Beatles with a cover of 'If I Needed Someone'. It fits in with the album perfectly. 'The Story of My Life' sounds like a lost 80s radio hit. 

The album ends on a beautiful ballad 'Drown This Sorrow' which is heartfelt and melancholic. It shows there is more to the band than just upbeat anthemic pop. 

A brilliant album full of well-written guitar pop gems. Highly recommended.

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