Wednesday, 24 February 2021

The Electric Stars - Velvet Elvis The Only Lover Left Alive

Released: 1 Feb 2021
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The Electric Stars are a Psych/Power Pop band from Manchester UK. I was first aware of them a couple of years ago. Their new album has plenty of variety and some very quirky lyrics, making for an interesting and enjoyable listen.

It opens with 'Velvet Elvis', a 9 minute epic. The sound has the 90s vibes of Primal Scream, and a psych/dance groove to it. There are some superb guitar solos. Lyrically it is about finding solace in music, away from the horrors of Politics e.t.c. 

'Electric Stardust' is more jangly and upbeat with 60s vibes. Lyrically it is reminiscing about growing up, being young and finding who you are. The chorus is wonderfully melodic and catchy.  

My favourite here is 'Sunshine', which has Psych vibes of The Rolling Stones. It is instantly memorable and very Summery as you would expect!

Other highlights include 'Suicide' which is a lot darker with intense and thought provoking lyrics. 'Loaded With Regrets' is an emotional listen - a heartfelt, vivid account of a breakup. 'We Love You' has a more 70s Punk edge to it, and great energy. 

A brilliant album, recommended to all fans of the guitar pop genre. 

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