Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Sunstack Jones - Golden Repair

Released: 9 Oct 2020
Label: Mai 68 Records
Listen and Buy Here

Sunstack Jones, from Liverpool, are a band I have liked for a while. Their sound is mainly indie but also includes elements of Psych and Shoegaze. Their new album is excellent laid back listening, perfect for Autumn evenings. It was recorded by Simon Jones (The Verve) and mixed by Paul Den Heyer (whose solo album from last year is a favourite of mine). 

It opens with 'Where You Gonna Go' which is an epic start to the album at over 7 minutes. It doesn't feel that long when you listen to it. The sound naturally brought to mind The Verve, especially A Storm In Heaven era, mixed with hints of Americana. It goes into a 'jam' at the end with plenty of great guitar solos. 

My favourite here is 'How It All Went Down' which is a superb pop song with some great vocal harmonies. It still has that shoegaze distortion. The guitar riff brought to mind Oasis.

Other highlights include 'Glass Boat' which is surprisingly anthemic and quite energetic. 'Distill' is a delicate ballad and more stripped back, proving this band aren't a one trick pony in only doing shoegaze heavy distorted tracks. 'Seams' is another favourite and has quite a hypnotic groove to it, like many of the songs here.

Well worth a listen, though I like the melodic indie side to them more, the shoegaze tracks create a glorious 'wall of sound'. Highly recommended.

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