Tuesday, 27 October 2020

mylittlebrother - Howl

Released: 30 Oct 2020
Label: Big Stir
Listen and Buy Here

mylittlebrother of Cumbria, UK, are back with a new album and their first for renowned Power Pop record label - Big Stir. 

Their sound is very much indie with 90s/mid 00s guitar pop vibes. They reminded me of The Late Pioneers (signed to Subjangle) so if you liked them, or any other melodic indie pop for that matter, this is well worth checking out.

It opens with 'Play Hard', which is gloriously anthemic, reminiscent of British Sea Power and other mid 00s bands. 'Janey' is the standout song here and has hints of Americana. The chorus has some wonderful harmonies and is instantly memorable. I can imagine this getting a lot of radio airplay, here and in the USA. 

'Goldmine' sounds more 70s funk, the chorus is a series of oh's which I wasn't too sure of at first but it is an enjoyable listen.  'Howl' is another favourite here - a catchy love song with a lot of charm and lovely melodies. 'Responsibility' is a simple yet quirky song and will have you singing along.

'Chicago' is epic and quite long at over 5 minutes. The theme is wanting to move away from 'little England' to be with a loved one in Chicago. The song has different sections and reaches an impressive ending, which is heavy and angry in tone. 'Time Of Our Lives' is a big emotional ballad of the highest standard. 

A superb album, full of memorable anthems and great melodies. Highly recommended.

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