Thursday, 2 July 2020

The Crystal Furs - Beautiful and True

Released: 26 June 2020
Label: Subjangle
Listen and Buy Here

The Crystal Furs, of Portland Oregon, are a recent discovery for me. Their new album is full of C-86 style jangle pop gems.  

It opens with 'Comeback Girls', which is quite anthemic. Steph Buchanan's charming, almost twee vocals suit the song well. Admittedly, this style of music does sometimes wash over me but not in this case and there was more than enough here to keep my attention.

'Pretty Mind' is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like they don't fit in. Lyrically it is very honest and really expresses the frustration well. - 'Records spinning round and round and so is my rage. Since no one understands I'll write it down on a page.'

'Too Kind to be Cruel' is my favourite song here - melodic guitar pop at its catchiest. I could also imagine this getting repeated radio airplay.

Other highlights include 'Burn Us Down' which is angry with more Punk vibes. It is a bold stand against those who try to deny LGBT rights. - 'You wanna cure me, you wanna fix me. I wanna kick you to the curb.'

'Hey Maxine' is more superb jangle pop goodness. 'The Robber Barons of Lombard Street' is an epic tale about the greedy Capitalist society.

A really enjoyable listen and also covers some important issues. Highly recommended.

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