Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Moonlight Parade - Paint the Sun EP

Released: 1 May 2020
Label: _
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Moonlight Parade are from Worthing, UK and a new discovery for me. They have had a couple of albums and jangly indie songs like 'Jennifer' really caught my attention.

Their style is more 90s/early 00s indie but still sounds refreshing. Opening song 'Paint the Sun' has a big uplifting chorus, reminiscent of The Bends era Radiohead. 'Invincible' has hints of U2 and The Verve but is more melodic. 

The standout song for me is 'I'd Really Like to Meet You Man.' A powerful indie anthem which immediately sticks with you. I could imagine this one crossing over to a larger audience.

'If I Leave' is superb and very catchy guitar pop. 'Hang Glider' is another gloriously melodic and uplifting song and I love the bassline.

A stunning EP, with strong songs which really shine. Highly recommended.


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