Friday, 24 July 2020

The Click Beetles - Pop Fossil

Released: 14 Jun 2020
Label: Futureman Records
Listen and Buy Here

This is another wonderful release from Futureman, who are already becoming one of my favourite Record Labels. The Click Beetles are a new discovery for me and according to discogs, they had one previous album in 2014 (Wake Up to Music)

Their sound is a lovely blend of The Byrds and the 80s/90s Power Pop of The Smithereens and Material Issue (right up my street, obviously).

'If Not Now Then When?' is a perfect opening song and insanely catchy. It has the Byrdsian charm and big 80s Pop sound

Other highlights include 'Don't You Call My Name' which is more of the same and also has Tom Petty vibes. 'Nobody's Girl' is great fun and very anthemic. 'Roseanne' has a simple yet superb melody running throughout and is more moody sounding.

A hugely enjoyable album, which may not be doing anything different, but is not short of brilliant memorable songs. For me, this is what great music is about.


  1. Thank you, Julie! I'm glad you like it!

  2. I completely agree with this review. Great album!