Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The Echo Session - Wait and See

Released: Jul 2019 (on cd Oct)
Label: Flowers in the Dustbin
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This is a collection of rough demos and recordings from Glasgow's The Echo Session, who are completely new to me. To my knowledge, they only ever released one single 'Tell Me' in 2009.

The recordings are from 2005 onwards and quite raw sounding with vibes of The La's and The Coral. It opens with 'But I'm Scared' which is a brilliant example of 60's style jangle pop. The rough production adds to the retro charm. It is also reminiscent of 'Suspicious Minds' by Elvis Presley, in places.

'Mystery Man' is another highlight with some great guitar work and elements of psychedelia and surf. 'Barapba' is a simple but highly enjoyable little song with a great melody. Acoustic demo 'Sailor Song' is also one of my favourites here and is quite moody sounding.  

The album ends on 'Wait and See' and there are some nice harmonies and great melodic pop hooks. It could benefit from a slightly clearer production but the strength of the song shines through. On the whole, this is a great collection of songs which I am glad have been brought to light.

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