Friday, 20 September 2019

Studio Electrophonique - Buxton Palace Hotel EP

Released: 20 Sept 2019
Label: Violette
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This is the first release from Violette since Michael Head (whom the label was set up for) left, earlier this year. This beautiful EP shows there are still many more great things to come from them.

Studio Electrophonique is the work of songwriter James Leesley from Sheffield. He has played in a band called High Hazels. His solo music is a lot more stripped back and acoustic. The EP consists of some highly emotional ballads. 

Break up song, 'Jayne' is devastating and demonstrates a such a fragility in the lyrics. The music sounds vaguely like Bill Ryder-Jones, with more minimal production which adds to the emphasis on the vocals. The delivery of this song has you hanging onto every word. 

'I Don't Think I Love You Anymore' is reminiscent of The Velvet Underground. Again, it is highly emotional and about desperately trying to hold onto a failing relationship.

'Buxton Palace Hotel' is more dwelling on a broken relationship in the same way. Musically it is similar but there is an electronic drumbeat. 'You Had Me Hanging on' also has added beats but strangely it fits in so well. 

On the whole this is a very moving EP and these subtle, fragile ballads only affect you more on repeated listens.

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