Saturday, 7 September 2019

Lost Ships - All of the Pieces EP

Released: 6 Sept 2019
Label: Subjangle
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Lost Ships are a fairly new band hailing from Portsmouth UK. They are back with their second EP after last year's amazing 'Best Laid Plans', which I'd also highly recommend. 

It opens with the splendid guitar riff of title track 'All of the Pieces'. Their sound is reminiscent of Bandwagonesque era Teenage Fanclub. The whole EP has heavy 90's jangle vibes.

'Drug Store' is super melodic and demonstrates some great guitar solos and thoughtful lyrics. By far, my favourite on here is 'How Can I face The World' which is so catchy and brought to mind The Dream Syndicate - 'That's What You Always Say'. It also has an energetic punk edge to it. 

Piano led ballad 'Sheila believe Me', is the perfect closer and  expresses feelings of loss and emptiness. It just proves this band has a lot more depth to them than many other purveyors of this genre. 

On the whole this is a highly enjoyable EP and I am looking forward to hearing a full album from them at some point in the future.

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