Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Sometime Songs - Sometimes Songs EP

Released: 26 May 2021
Label: Wonderfulsound
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Sometime Songs is a collaboration of artists on the superb Wonderfulsound label. To my knowledge, the music is by The Superimposers (brilliant Psych/Indie band on the label). Vocals are by Americana Artist - Angelina.  

'Shooting Stars' is one of those magical songs you don't hear too often today, which recalls Motown Soul of the early 60s. The production reminded me of 50s doo-wop as well, especially the backing harmonies.

Angelina's vocals are very unique and have vibes of Patti Smith. The vocals and music, although from completely different genres, compliment each other perfectly.

'Borderline' is more ambient and laid-back sounding. It again has that magical production.

A superb EP from a label where you are always guaranteed to find something different and unique. Highly recommended.

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