Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Rick Irregular - The Litany Lament

Released: 18 Jul 2020
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Rick Irregular, from Manchester UK, is a new discovery for me. He was previously in cult Post Punk band - Thrush Puppies. This album is actually a collection of demos spanning from 1997 - 2017.

The song - 'Recently' is what caught my attention and why I am reviewing this. A highly melodic and moving breakup song, with anthemic 90s jangle vibes. The sound brought to mind Longpigs and Teenage Fanclub. Its a song I could see reaching a larger audience.

The rest of the album is a lot heavier sounding more like Joy Division and The Fall. 'In Column Miscellaneous' is dark and moody with thought provoking lyrics. It is slightly reminiscent of The Cure - A Forest. 

Other highlights include 'Bloody Winter in New York' which has dalek like vocals and is very Post Punk. It is quite enjoyable even though its not my usual type of thing and has great energy. Another favourite is 'She's My Monomania' which is heavy but still manages to have pop hooks. 

A collection of songs well worth checking out, especially for the song 'Recently' which will blow you away.

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