Friday, 21 August 2020

Paul Molloy - The Fifth Dandelion

Released: 21 Aug 2020
Label: Spring Heeled Records
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Paul Molloy (The Coral/Serpent Power) releases his debut solo album and it is a wonderfully Psychedelic listen. His sound is very 60s with hints of The Beatles and Syd Barrett.

Lead single 'Dungaree Day' is reminiscent of The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby, complete with ba ba bas. It is highly melodic and Summery. 

'My Madonna' is my favourite song here and one of the most fabulous jangle pop songs released all year. It is wonderful lyrically, with imagery of love, space and 'drinking whiskey from a fountain'. 

Other highlights include 'Andromeda' which is Psych with great Pop hooks. 'Hey Ho Jack Of Diamonds' demonstrates superb storytelling and even goes a bit prog with different sections. It reaches a very impressive 'Western' sounding climax towards the end too. It ends on 'Talacre Lighthouse' which is very atmospheric with more nautical imagery. 

A superb album which takes you on an amazing Psychedelic journey. Highly recommended.

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