Friday, 2 August 2019

The Vapour Trails - See You In The Next World

Released: 2 Aug 2019
Label: Futureman Records
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I have been listening to The Vapour Trails for a while now and this is their long awaited debut. It is full of psychedelic pop gems and I'd highly recommend it.   

The band hail from Aberdeen, Scotland and include father and son - Kevin and Scott Robertson. They are exceptional musicians and there is some really great guitar work on this album.

The album opens with 'Sonic Wave', which is very melodic and laid back with 60's jangle vibes. I would say The Byrds are the biggest influence here. 'The Inner Truth' reminds me of 'Turn Turn Turn' but is just as enjoyable and a great song. 

'Drag it Around' is my favourite song on the album. There are really sweet harmonies throughout and it reminds me of Teenage Fanclub at their most melodic. 'Shatter The Sky' has more of a Neil Young feel to it, especially with the brilliant guitar solos at the end.

'Godspeed It', a break-up song, is one of the best songs here and brought to mind New Order - 'Regret'. The album ends on the psychedelic anthem and title song - 'See You in the Next World'. Again, it features some really great guitar work and superb harmonies.

This is such an impressive debut album and anyone who likes 60's inspired guitar pop should check it out. I hope there is a lot more to come from them.

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