Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The Amber List - The Ever Present Elephant EP

Released: Jul 2019
Label: _
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The Amber List are a fairly new band from Preston, Lancashire. Their EP has 80's jangle vibes and demonstrates some superb song-writing. 

It opens with 'Cold Callers' which is a great anthem about the difficulties of getting by. It features some really thought provoking lyrics: 'Trying to make a living in a country that's divided, self-serving, unforgiving.' Clearly a reference to the current state of the country's politics! 

'Hiding in Plain Sight' is the best song here. On first listen it bought to mind the jangle of The La's, Echo & The Bunnymen and C86 indie. It is so catchy and enjoyable to listen to. It is also super melodic with the Ba Ba Ba's at the end. Probably one of my favourite songs of the year so far.  

'Down our Street' has a much more laid back vibe and wistful lyrics. 'The Golden Light' is also a favourite and features some beautiful harmonies. It ends on 'First Steps', which is quite angry in tone. It is again about life's hardships. The guitars in this reminded me of The Smiths.

This EP is an essential listen, especially for the superb 'Hiding in Plain Sight'. I look forward to hearing a full album from them, hopefully soon.

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