Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Peter Hall - About Last Night

Released: 13 Jan 2023
Label: Subjangle
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Peter Hall, from Nottingham, is back with a new album. It is more wonderfully melodic and sophisticated indie pop with 80s/90s vibes. 

The album opens with 'About Last Night' which is brilliantly upbeat with soaring harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. His sound brings to mind later Teenage Fanclub, Trashcan Sinatras e.t.c.

My favourite here is 'In Plain Sight' which sounds like a radio hit of the 80s era, with hints of Aztec Camera. It is a hugely enjoyable listen and will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Other highlights include 'For Love' which is beautifully uplifting and instantly memorable with an anthemic chorus. 'Waiting For Nothing' is more melancholic with vivid and wistful lyrics. The production is epic, with sweeping strings and a more 70s sounding guitar solo. 'Click Your Fingers' is catchy 3 minute guitar pop at its finest.

A superb album with well-crafted and heartfelt songs. Highly recommended, especially for fans of melodic indie music from the 90s or before.

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