Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Granfalloon - Calendar Volume I

Released: 30 Sept 2022
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Granfalloon, from Manchester, are a new discovery for me. Their latest album is a wonderfully unique and enjoyable listen. The sound is a blend of indie and more traditional Folk.   

It opens with 'Archive' which is beautifully arranged, with big orchestral production. It is quite uplifting yet melancholic, the lyrics reflecting on memories of love, from scraps of paper receipts e.t.c. 

My favourite here is 'Please Write Responsibly' which is Folk style storytelling at its finest and will have you hanging onto every word. It is so imaginative and about a written story coming to life. The sound brought to mind Pulp and also the indie folk of Ralfe Band.  

Other highlights include 'Bee on a String', which is more 'pop' sounding than anything else here. It is brilliantly whimsical and perfect if you have a love for animal themed songs, as I do. 'O Joyce' is more lovely storytelling about the 'circle of life'. It ends on 'Rushmore' which is rather epic with some philosophical lyrics and soaring harmonies.
A superb album, and recommended Autumn listening, especially if you want to hear something a bit different.

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