Saturday, 2 April 2022

Sam Kogon - Sam Kogon EP

Released: 1 Apr 2022
Label: _
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Sam Kogon, from New York, is a recent discovery for me. His new EP has 50s/early 60s vibes and is full of memorable songs with great pop hooks and melodies.   

It opens with the superb 'Barbed Wire', which brought to mind The Everly Brothers and Adam Faith. It is vaguely Americana sounding too.

My favourite here is 'Find Out' which is brilliantly catchy 2 minute pop to enjoy on repeat. It had hints of The Traveling Wilburys.

'All I Wanna Do' is a wonderfully melodic love song and you can especially hear the Tom Petty influence. It ends on 'City Kidz' which has a slightly heavier edge with some raw lyrics. It is about the dark side of city life, drugs e.t.c.

A highly recommended EP, and it is well worth checking out his earlier albums too. 

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