Sunday, 28 July 2019

The Morning Line - North

Released: April 2019
Label: Kool Kat Musik
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San Francisco band The Morning Line, have been around for a while and this is their third album. I only found this album very recently and it is filled with great songs.  

Their sound is heavily inspired by power pop bands, particularly of the 90's, such as Gin Blossoms and Velvet Crush.

'Complicated' is the standout song here and it is a heart felt break-up song filled with emotion and beautiful harmonies. 'Anhedonia (Start Again)' is another highlight with an upbeat anthemic chorus and longing lyrics. 'I Wanna Tell You' is a ballad of the highest standard. 

There are quite a few slower songs on this album but its never dull to listen to. 'Nostradamus', towards the end, is completely unexpected with its heavy, energetic guitars. It still manages to be full of melody and is definitely one of the highlights. 'Down The Aisle', a country song, reminiscent of Big Star's 'Ballad of El Goodo' closes the album nicely.

This is such a great album and it only gets better on repeated listens. Highly recommended. 


  1. Great album, just bought me. Reminds me of Tom Petty a bit in places

    1. Yeah completely! Glad you are enjoying the album. It definitely deserves more attention.