Thursday 18 May 2023

Adam Camm - Mirror, Mirror

Released: 12 May 2023
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Adam Camm, from London, is a recent discovery for me. This is his debut and it is a wonderful listen, his sound being an experimental blend of guitar pop and 60s inspired Psych. 

The album opens with 'Feel The Fuzz' which is very lo-fi and Garage sounding. There are hints of 13th Floor Elevators, The Seeds e.t.c. It still has the hooks of guitar pop and is a joy to listen to.

Other highlights include 'Mirror, Mirror', which has hints of Syd Barrett. It has the perfect balance of melodies and heavier guitars in the chorus. My favourite here is the wonderfully Byrds-inspired - 'Guardian Angel', which is melodic and jangly with the rock hooks of The Rolling Stones.

'Please Sincerely Mr Jones' is feelgood retro guitar pop at its finest and again has catchy melodies. It ends on 'Abandoned' which is Summery and has lovely Psychedelic Indian sounding production reminiscent of Revolver era Beatles.

A hugely enjoyable album and highly recommended for fans of 60s Psych. 

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