Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The Corner Laughers - Temescal Telegraph

Released: 5 June 2020
Label: Big Stir
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I have been aware of Californian band The Corner Laughers, for a while. This is their fifth album and their first for the renowned Power Pop record label - Big Stir.

Their sound is a blend of Indie Pop and Folk, with a range of influences from Fairport Convention to XTC. They are led by Karla Kane (one of the few Women in the guitar pop genre) whose unique voice and ukulele really sets them apart. 

Opener 'The Calculating Boy' brought to mind Nonsuch era XTC. A charming and simple pop song, with strong hooks.

'The Accepted Time' is the standout song here. Bold and anthemic with heartfelt and wistful lyrics. - 'I hold your hand and hope you'll understand I need to, feel your fingers wrapped around mine too. Guess I know that life means letting go but I will hold on just a little longer.' It is a really moving song and features some great guitar work too.

Other highlights include 'Sisters of the Pollen' which is more upbeat and fun, with some catchy melodies. Their quirky folk style is still prominent. 'Goodguy Sun' (written by Martin Newell of the band Cleaners From Venus) is a beautiful song with 60s Beatles vibes. The instrumentation is perfect with a mixture of piano and ukulele.

'Wren in the Rain' is another standout song and has themes of Nature and Life which is a recurring topic on this album. The two closing songs, really draw from their traditional folk influences more. 'Skylarks of Britain' is wonderfully melodic and a timeless lullaby. 

An exceptional album which has a lot of charm and magic.  Highly recommended.

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